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How to Come Out as a New Online Heath & Fitness Coach

How to Come Out as a New Online Heath & Fitness Coach

Welcome to Episode #23!   How to Come Out as a New Online Health & Fitness Coach    What we talk about:    In this episode we talk about how to announce to your social media followers that you are officially a health & fitness coach, and are taking new clients, all online!    Steps We Go Through:    How to tell your story and relate it to your audience and ideal clients  PLUS my proven 4 step formula to sell using your story  How to use your social media as a business platform to sign new clients  How to continuously sell in a way that feels GOOD to both you and your audience  SO much more!  Quote Moments:    “As an Online Business, You NEED to Have True Connection with People” “Building this trust with people across your platform is what’s going to make you STAND OUT from the other coaches”  Enjoy!  Links:    90 Minute Private Business Intensive -- only 1 SPOT LEFT!    Find the link on my IG below!    IG: @paige_vandy Facebook Group: The #BestSelf Biz Support Group for Female Online Health & Fitness Coaches

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