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#87 - A Matriarch's Mother's Day Special

#87 - A Matriarch's Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day was just here - the day to celebrate mom filled, often filled with chaotic brunch services, floral arrangements, champagne, and - God willing - well-behaved children. When I was booking a guest for this episode, I had a handful of chefs and beverage directors in mind, but after some careful thought, I invoked an executive decision. My guest for this episode of The Best Ceats Podcast is non-other than my own mother - Julia McCarthy. She is no stranger to hospitality either! As a world traveler for many years as a flight attendant at both commercial and private levels, she has been all over the world experiencing restaurants, cultures, and cuisines in a way that always inspired me as a kid. In fact, she is one of the driving forces behind The Best Ceats as a whole and a true inspiration. So, I forced her to hop onto a digital call (as she lived back east) to chat with me about restaurants, children in them, terrible airlines, and more in this special Mother's Day episode. Enjoy! 

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