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#64 - Holding Court At The Herbies Cocktail Competition

#64 - Holding Court At The Herbies Cocktail Competition

Well, this episode is a certainly a big one.I know I say that quite often, but im generally referring to a specific guest, or possible topic of the show. No, this episode is big, because it is big - literally. Last Tuesday (9.28) there was a little cocktail competition called "The Herbies" held at Poppy & Seed in Anaheim, bu none ofter then friend of the show, Ashley Irene of Heirloom Potager. Perhaps you're familiar with her work from such podcasts as, well this one. Long story short, she decided to put together a little competition, putting emphasis on flavors, herbs, and techniques. So she called some friends, and we gathered five top-notch bartenders, and had ourselves a little show. This episode is big because it features all five bartenders, Ashley, a dash of yours truly (who also hosted the event) and an extra interview with our very elated winning bartender!It is a departure from standard episodes formatting wise, but I think it is still very interesting, and fun.Hope you enjoy!The Best Ceats Podcast brings unprecedented access to the Orange County hospitality industry each and every episode. Bringing you the best stories, and the people behind them with every interview, The Best Ceats Podcast showcases the very best of Southern California’s bars, restaurants, and beyond.You can find more information at https://thebestceats.comFollow Host Crawford McCarthy at support content like The Best Ceats Podcast, please consider supporting The Best Ceats, at: To learn more about Ali Coyle, as well as her debut track “Trust Me,” please see her official website: To find out more about our sponsors for this episode, please visit the following:https://www.heirloompotager.com

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