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#56 - Learn Who Is Leading Lido Bottle Works

#56 - Learn Who Is Leading Lido Bottle Works

Chef Joel Gutierrez has taken over the reins at Lido Bottle Works after cutting his teeth there for the past several years. I really like LBW, and his menu follows the style of former chef and friend of the show, Amy Lebrun, to a "T," all the while attaching his own style and flair. The food is excellent, plain and simple, and he is driven, and talented to boot. The Best Ceats Podcast brings unprecedented access to the Orange County hospitality industry each and every episode. Bringing you the best stories, and the people behind them with every interview, The Best Ceats Podcast showcases the very best of Southern California’s bars, restaurants, and beyond.You can find more information at https://thebestceats.comFollow Host Crawford McCarthy at support content like The Best Ceats Podcast, please consider supporting The Best Ceats, at: To learn more about Ali Coyle, as well as her debut track “Trust Me,” please see her official website: To find out more about our sponsors for this episode, please visit the following:https://www.hirelilo.comhttps://www.heirloompotager.com

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