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#47 - Daydreaming Of Dija Mara

#47 - Daydreaming Of Dija Mara

Some restaurants are special for different reasons. Maybe there is a heralded chef, or a premier bar program. Perhaps it is well designed or offers something different than the surrounding businesses. Then, some places are amazing, not for just one reason, but because there is no reason at all. They simply are excellent and trying to pin down a reason why is like asking a magician to reveal how a trick works - all you're doing is ruining the magic. Dija Mara in Oceanside, CA, is one of these restaurants. In this episode I sit down with the owner of Dija Mara, Simran Soin, and Chef Jason Ambacher, to discuss what makes this acclaimed establishment so very special. It is more than the sum of its parts, and to see why you should experience the magic of this space for yourself, you'll have to buckle up for a great new episode. Enjoy!The Best Ceats Podcast brings unprecedented access to the Orange County hospitality industry each and every episode. Bringing you the best stories, and the people behind them with every interview, The Best Ceats Podcast showcases the very best of Southern California’s bars, restaurants, and beyond.You can find more information at https://thebestceats.comFollow Host Crawford McCarthy at support content like The Best Ceats Podcast, please consider supporting The Best Ceats, at: To learn more about Ali Coyle, as well as her debut track “Trust Me,” please see her official website: To find out more about our sponsors for this episode, please visit the following:https://www.hirelilo.com

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