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#16 - Anthony Dismuke And Family History Over Family Meal

#16 - Anthony Dismuke And Family History Over Family Meal

The idea of coming back to work for a chef following a pandemic is a daunting task. Starting a new job, only to have it paused on you for reasons you can’t control, is even more of an immense task. No one knows this better than Chef Anthony Dismuke. However, it is the details of Dismuke’s life that have been the biggest hurdles, as we tackle what his experience has been, not as a chef, but an African American man in 2020 America. An immensely talented chef, we sit down to tackle topics ranging from how he got into cooking, to his own experiences with police. Even down to his sister’s assault. It is a deep episode that you cannot shy away from, but jump into with your eyes and heart fully open. Enjoy. The Best Ceats Podcast brings unprecedented access to the Orange County hospitality industry each and every episode. Bringing you the best stories, and the people behind them with every interview, The Best Ceats Podcast showcases the very best of Southern California’s bars, restaurants, and beyond. To support content like The Best Ceats Podcast, please consider supporting The Best Ceats, at: learn more about Ali Coyle, as well as her debut track “Trust. Me,” please see her official website:

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