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#10 - Kalina Russel's Neighborhood Bar

#10 - Kalina Russel's Neighborhood Bar

What is it like to want to work, but not be allowed to? How hard is it to live near the bar you run, but not be able to run it? Kalina Russel, lead bartender at Broadway by Amar Santana in Laguna Beach sits down to talk about how her life and bar has been affected by COVID-19, what life in a beach city with closed beaches is like, and the other spots she hopes to see open on the other side of a global pandemic. The Best Ceats Podcast brings unprecedented access to the Orange County hospitality industry each and every episode. Bringing you the best stories, and the people behind them with every interview, The Best Ceats Podcast showcases the very best of Southern California’s bars, restaurants, and beyond.To support content like The Best Ceats Podcast, please consider supporting The Best Ceats, at: learn more about Ali Coyle, as well as her debut track “Trust. Me,” please see her official website:

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