WandaVision Closing Thoughts

WandaVision Closing Thoughts

By the time I had waited 8 weeks, and 8 INFURIATING "Please Stand By"s I ended up having it all wrong. While it didn't totally ruin it, it did taint it a bit. So I may not be able to go back and shake myself out of my arrogant theories, but what I can do is  rant, so thanks for listening to my rant!    The great Hollywood Reporter Interview - 'WandaVision' Boss on Finale Fan Theories | Hollywood Reporter Great 'Deadline' Interview - ‘WandaVision’ EP Jac Schaeffer On Who Didn’t Show Up & Why In “The Series Finale” Quick Quote compilation - WandaVision creator, Elizabeth Olsen on weekly fan theories/expectations   If you want to Listen to Matt, Rob, and I be totally wrong about so many things - Subscribe and Download 'Matt Goes to the Movies' at your preferred podcast place.    SHOW LINKS Discord @BingeBasement#9093 Instagram @thebasementbinge or send me an email - Help the show by leaving a review on You can also follow me on Letterboxd @HARRYPerry13     Best of the Best intro music by Anthony P. Soundcloud | Instagram

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