October - November “Monthly Update”

October - November “Monthly Update”

The Second-Ever Basement Binge "Monthly Update". Probably the most tired and scatterbrained I have ever been when sitting down to record. Between being busy with work, the election, and trying to find some inner peace, it feels like time has flown right by and I have no idea what has been happening. So as scatterbrained as I feel. It was good to sit down and talk about things that excite me.  As always thanks for your support. 🙌   SO WHAT EVEN HAPPENED THIS MONTH? AND DO WE HAVE ANYTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO? The bad news first. Sadly we lost the great Sean Connery at the age of 90, probably most famous for his role as the first on-screen James Bond. Some other sad news about the loved Jeff Bridges and his new battle against lymphoma. Lastly, for this sad news - Wonder Woman 1984 currently set for a December 25th release date this year might just be moved again.  So onto some more positives (maybe just to distract us). We got the Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney+ and a few new film announcements: - Soul moving to Disney+ this December - Raya and the Last Dragon trailer with a March 2021 release date announced - LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special also coming to Disney+ November 17 - Also to Disney+ Marvel 616 all episodes streaming November 20th Unrelated to Disney+ we got a super exciting trailer and release date for the new "Monster Hunter" movie with husband & wife team Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich. A videogame series I have loved for years I can't wait to finally see this grace the big screen. Hoping the December release date can stick. Marvel Studios finding some ways to work on upcoming films with Christian Bale and Natalie Portman arriving in Australia to film. The Doctor Strange 2 crew arriving in London. Most excitingly Oscar Issac was cast as Marc Spector for the new Moon Knight series.  TENET is finally getting an at-home release, this year December 15th.   Also sadly discussing some great trailers that got me excited for 2020 before it turned into a dumpster fire for us all.    I want to be able to answer your questions next month! Please send them to  ---- I appreciate all the reviews and feedback I get on any platform! To make sure I do see it, comment on or review any episode on or email me at  Connect with me on social media, you can also Like on Facebook and follow on Instagram @thebasementbinge and Letterboxd @HARRYPerry13 --- This new "Monthly Update" also lets me share some great other Podcasts I am currently listening to FILM PODCAST/'Young Podcast': Matt Goes to the Movies Something else I am enjoying: Limelight Highlight This is the change for me to share podcasts that are new or less known that I think to deserve more recognition. Now Edith's show is by no means "young" I just didn't have one yet.  If you want to have your "young" podcast featured on the next monthly update get in contact with me through email:   + Best of the Best intro music by Anthony P. Soundcloud | Instagram  

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