Missing Link

Missing Link

Continuing on with this unintentional animation Binge, we have - Missing Link from Laika Studios. I've heard some pretty sad things about this film, especially considering it lost about $80 Million Dollars at the Box office. It was on Hulu so I streamed it, hoping to find some great reason to call it a Hidden Gem.  After that first watch, I was quite harsh. But a second watch with my nephew, I came around. So this is what I thought!  Don't forget, leave a review on   Show Notes Connect on Social Media Discord @BingeBasement#9093 Instagram @thebasementbinge or send me an email - Help the show by leaving a review on You can also follow me on Letterboxd @HARRYPerry13     Best of the Best intro music by Anthony P. Soundcloud | Instagram

Duration: 34 min

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