January - February 2021 “Monthly Update”

January - February 2021 “Monthly Update”

SO WHAT EVEN HAPPENED THIS MONTH?  January has flown by and February already seems to be moving even faster. But 2021 is looking out to be a slightly improved 2020. At least in the world of film releases. Warner Brothers may have figured something out with this new HBO Max and theater release, doing well at the Box Office (in Covid terms) and with HBO subscribers. The rest of the studios are still figuring it out as we get a repeat of last year with way too many film release dates delayed (again).  But hey! Disney+ has some great things coming through the pipeline!    The Basement Binge is now in video form on YouTube! Subscribe here:    Submit a Question:  Submit a creative work  for a shout-out:  Creative work shout-out this month:  Animated Shorts by Oh Seo-ro (00) Vimeo YouTube  Afternoon Class Vimeo YouTube   Don't forget to leave those reviews on Podchaser to win free movies from my Screen Pass collection!! Leave a review on Podchaser and share on social media to earn points all month!  Instagram @thebasementbinge --- I appreciate all the reviews and feedback I get on any platform! To make sure I do see it, comment on or review any episode on or email me at  Connect with me on social media, you can also Like on Facebook and follow on Instagram @thebasementbinge and Letterboxd @HARRYPerry13  + Best of the Best intro music by Anthony P. Soundcloud | Instagram

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