Fast & Furious | The Road to Fast 9 (The Fast Saga 4)

Fast & Furious | The Road to Fast 9 (The Fast Saga 4)

After really enjoying Tokyo Drift, I was looking forward to Fast & Furious 4. Starting to understand the cinematic language of this crazy franchise makes watching them even more enjoyable. It's crazy and absolutely ridiculous, but this Fast Family is really starting to be just that - a family.    I am very grateful for my "Podcast Family" - Matt from 'Matt Goes to Movies' joining me. Available wherever you get your podcasts.  --- A teenager becomes a major competitor in the world of drift racing after moving in with his father in Tokyo to avoid a jail sentence in America. --- Show Notes Leave a Review on Podchaser for a free screen pass  Check out Matt Goes to the Movies wherever you get your podcasts --- SHOW LINKS Instagram @thebasementbinge or send me an email - Help the show by leaving a review on You can also follow me on Letterboxd @HARRYPerry13     Best of the Best intro music by Anthony P. Soundcloud | Instagram Sound effects by 

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