The Bakery Bears

Episode 104 - Part 1

Episode 104 - Part 1

Welcome to Episode 104 Part 1 of ‘The Bakery Bears’. Join us in this episode for: - “Welcome”   Our new colours!  HEAT!!  Dan’s Superdry coolness  Health  Where do we all fit in?  - “Whats on YOUR needles” Kay was knitting :  Puerperium Cardigan Kays Cardigan Quest series will run from 7th - 21st August 2018 on our Patreon Page Access the Baby Sophisticate tutorial series on page 25 of Knitability Issue 12 Dan’s Shorty Socks in Lang Super Soxx Kay used the toe from this pattern Stashbuster Shawl Watch Kay’s Picot Bind Off tutorial here Dan was knitting :      Prairie Socks Watch our DPN sock knitting series here Watch our Magic Loop sock knitting series here Watch Kays Anatomy of a Sock special here Watch Dan’s 12 part journey into knitting DPN socks here Samantha Watch Kay’s Wrap & Turn tutorial here Watch Kay’s German Short Row tutorial here Watch Kay’s Blacking tutorial here Download Episode 104 Part 2 for all the show!  To subscribe to our complete content - Including a subscription to our electronic magazine Knitability, exclusive patterns, over 200 tutorials, a monthly live Patron only show, Cooking the World videos, Knit Along with Kay videos and access to our online community, visit our Patreon Page : Remember to come and join our Podcast group on Ravelry: All Kay’s patterns can be purchased from here: Thank you so much for watching and see in two weeks for Episode 105. The Pudding Club is BACK and we’re getting very excited about making this epic dessert!!  New viewers looking for our past episodes will find our 2017 shows here : & 2014-2016 shows here :   Follow the presenters on Ravelry - ObiwanKnitter & Bryonybear Or on Instagram - Obiwanknitter & Bryonybears

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