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2019 Showcase: Rusty Quill Gaming

2019 Showcase: Rusty Quill Gaming

This is Alexander J Newall, host and GM of the Rusty Quill Gaming podcast, an actual play podcast following a group of comedians, improvisers, gamers, and writers as they play through a custom game-world and extended campaign using the Pathfinder RPG system. Expect epic battles, critical misses, and surprise heartache as the party strive for fame and glory whilst cracking wise and trying not to kill one another. Not only that we frequently feature special guests and trial new systems in our one-off specials. This episode is Part One of our Honey Heist Holiday Special. It’s not part of our main narrative, but instead is the first part of a shorter, one-off adventure. In this episode we get to know our new characters as they begin their raid on Honeycon 2018. Also, they're bears.

Duration: 57 min

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