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43- Jemimah Ashleigh: It's a Numbers Game

43- Jemimah Ashleigh: It's a Numbers Game

Jemimah Ashleigh (Jemimah on Instagram) is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs. Having built three successful businesses from scratch, she is a highly sought-after business consultant, mentor, speaker and will be releasing her first book in 2018. Jemimah is also the Creative Director of Tangs Design and is a social media practitioner.  We talk about Jemimah going from life on a farm in Australia, to working as an analyst in a prison giving her the tools to start several businesses and using her analyst skills on herself to help her succeed. Enjoy! :) You can check out jemimahashleigh.com to find out more about what she does.

Duration: 45 min

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