Jerry Hardesty

The Artist's Voice

"The Artist's Voice" podcast empowers artists to share their stories and promote their work. They may share success and challenges with the intent of helping other artists and enlighten the public. Artists from all creative genres are encouraged to guest on the show.

Episodes: 102


Mic to Easel

Duration: 6 min

Ezshwan Winding Interview

Duration: 40 min

Melissa Godoy Interview

Duration: 41 min

Anna Novakov Interview

Duration: 49 min

The 3rd Artist Interview

Duration: 1 hr 9 min

Dr. Desiree Cox, Artist and MD

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

Anum Farooq Interview

Duration: 55 min

Interview with JM Rizzi Artist

Duration: 59 min

Jarrett Camp Interview

Duration: 44 min

Ashley Ehrhardt Interview

Duration: 41 min

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