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Episode 07 - The Weekly News 08-28-2020

Episode 07 - The Weekly News 08-28-2020

Simon has a rant. With a growing media focus on the questionable conservation management in southern Africa, should we not be asking more of our leaders? Articles referenced  include Laurel Neme’s investigation into the closure of the environmental court in Skukuza, South Africa that was recently published in National Geographic.Tony Carnie, from Daily Maverick penned a 2 part feature about the suspension of the entire board of Ezemvelo, the conservation authority in South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal province and Don Pinnock questions the region’s leadership.According to Earth Overshoot Day, we would need almost an entire second planet, just to maintain current consumption trends on earth.But it isn’t Africa’s leadership that should only be questioned – Trump continues his assault on environmental policy with the relaxing of hunting legislation that makes it OK to hunt bears and their cubs whilst hibernating, to blind bears with lights to make them easier targets and to target wolves while they are in their dens. With these changes, can trophy hunters even argue that it is a sport? We don’t think so…The Tiger King facility finally shuts down for good according to reports from CBS News. But we shouldn’t celebrate too soon as what will happen to the animals?South African lion owner, West Mathewson dies this week after being mauled by two lionesses he saved from a trophy hunting breeding farm. A tragic death, but it highlights again why the Big Cat Safety Act is so important to set a benchmark for global legislation on the ownership of big cats. The subject is heated and we call for people to stop supporting “insta-zoo’s” – people who believe that by loving animals, you are a conservationist but ultimately just glorify captive animals for cheap social media likes.Scientists in Antarctica are observing the accelerated melting of ice. It seems the faster ice melts, the faster ice melts…South America is experiencing a spike in Jaguar poaching, again driven by demand in the east.  And finally, some good news…The tiny elephant shrew, thought to be extinct, is found to be making a comeback as several individuals are identified in Djibouti. EXCLUSIVE OFFER! The Mantis Collection is offering a staggering 20% to Art Of Conservation listeners to visit Siringit Serengeti Camp. To claim your exclusive discount code in your inbox and to start planning your stay at this luxury tented camp in the heart of Africa, sign up to our newsletter here.

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