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Vika Viktoria | Masculinity and Relationships

Vika Viktoria | Masculinity and Relationships

Vika Viktoria is on a mission to explore and support new masculinities by having illuminating conversations with men. For the past year, she’s curated a global underground men's dinner salon series to share collective wisdom. She works with men one on one, leads workshops, and speaks on "Hacking Human Connection" & “New Masculinities: Tension + Release”. Her latest project, "Hello Human: Questions about Manhood” chronicles conversations with strangers from Uber drivers to CEOs to new airport friends. An adventurer and storyteller of life and work, Vika, a native-born Ukrainian, is a MOTH StorySLAM winner and contributing writer for VICE. She lends her voice to bring the stories of people and things that inspire her in hopes of making the world a little sunnier.

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