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Tamir Goodman | Working Hard for a Greater Purpose

Tamir Goodman | Working Hard for a Greater Purpose

Today I talk with Tamir Goodman, the “Jewish Michael Jordan,” a former American-Israeli basketball player. He talks about his beginning years playing basketball and how important the game was to him and his dream of becoming the greatest. “I could never be satisfied because playing basketball wasn’t just about me playing, it was about a greater mission so instead of taking the day off the next day, I’d say ‘I can’t be satisfied with this. I gotta push myself more there’s so much more to accomplish. This isn’t just about me and my own ego. There’s a bigger journey here.’ And then when I messed up or didn’t play well and I was off track, I couldn’t get too down. I couldn’t feel bad for myself. I had to pick myself back up and get back on track because it wasn’t just about me or my ego, so it gave me a higher sense of purpose, higher motivation, a better work ethic, a better drive. Things that really block other players’ success” 7:41. Tamir tells a story of when he was 16 and played against college players, got super frustrated, and then wanted to quit, but his coach gave him a talk and motivated him to continue on. We talk about his career and how he progressed from one step to the next, and then the greater purpose of why Tamir worked so hard and what motivated him to become the best he could. He gives us some of the principles that he instills in his kids and how he has been raising them.  Growing up 3:32 When Tamir played against college players at 16 years old 10:48 When great shooters struggle 22:26 How Tamir educates his kids 32:30 The ultimate compliment 41:17 “Ultimately it’s about combining something physical with something spiritual and trying to better the world through that. It’s not enough just to love something, or just to do something to please our own ego. There’s gotta be a higher level, a higher dimension, a higher purpose, and by doing that, that’s the key to a happier and more meaningful life. My parents infused me with that at a young age, so I was able to combine the love of the game with the spirituality and hopefully a higher mission and a higher purpose.” 6:04

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