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Sierra Rainge | Pushing Through Hard Times

Sierra Rainge | Pushing Through Hard Times

In this episode I speak with the CEO of the Live Limitless Author's Academy and author of To Dance in the Rain, Sierra Rainge. She tells us about some of the challenges she had to face through her formative years and what she did to overcome some of those challenges. She tells about what has given her the drive to push forward in what she does and how that has greatly influenced her life. She mentions some things from her book such as how life is going to bring us storms and we need to learn how to see the positive side of the storms. Storms bring water, which nutrify the seeds in the ground and therefore provide us with sustenance. We discuss the millennial generation and how their approach has changed so much from the previous generations. The previous generation kind of just settles for one job and gets stuck there, whereas millennials tend to not be satisfied with the mediocre, but shoot higher and dream bigger than previous generations.  Challenges Sierra had to navigate through in her journey 3:57 Sierra’s favorite personal development tool 10:50 Are most people happy or unhappy? 21:42 Theses of her other books 27:18 What does Sierra want her friends and family to say about her? 41:12 Where to find Sierra 43:51  “I was lucky, or blessed enough to see outside of my situation and I think that’s the thing that pushes humanity forward. Just having a vision for the future, I saw myself successful. I saw myself overcoming generational bondage. I refused to settle for what I saw in front of me and I believed that there was more to life.” 7:38 @sierrarainge

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