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Joseph Jaffe | Take Life by the Reigns

Joseph Jaffe | Take Life by the Reigns

In this episode I speak with the creator of Corona TV, author of 5 books and founder of 3 companies, Joseph Jaffe. He tells us about the success of a company he worked for called Nando’s Chickenland and that it was all based on 3 things which were: 1) the chicken 2) the people behind the chicken 3) the marketing of the chicken. Often times Nando’s would use the three taboos in marketing to gain people’s attention, which were sex, religion, and politics. Joseph tells us about a buffer that companies need to have such as extra savings for times like a pandemic, or having a plan B. You need to ask, are you prepared to take yourself out of business? This means creating a second product for when your business gets taken over and you can have another option or course to take. We also discuss fear and the role it plays in being able to get through trials, and right now we need to either adapt or die. Joseph talks about joy and that we need to incorporate it in our lives, giving a simple formula which is love what you do, be true to yourself, and endurance or do it just long enough. Life is about embracing that inevitability that we will someday die, and we need to take advantage of what life has to offer and the opportunities that we have available now instead of putting them off. Joseph tells about finding your super power and that it needs to be your goal in life to discover that, and you can have more than one super power which will motivate you to reach your potential.  How Nando’s Chickenland influenced Joseph 5:16 The key to success is to suck less 14:50 How restaurants need to adapt 23:27 Survival instinct: Fear and pain vs. hunger and risk 28:49 Simple formula for life 35:20 Joseph’s philosophy on life 54:50 2 important life lessons for the millennial generation to live happier 63:17 “One of the sayings and one of the mantras at Nando’s ChickenLand, the quick service restaurant that I worked for in marketing for 5 years, is the idea of never forget where you come from. Never forget where you came from because so often we forget that humility. We forget those humble beginnings when we had to work hard. When we literally were pedal to the metal. And it is that hubris and it is that arrogance that often is our undoing.” 3:15

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