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Jen Adams | Using Failure to Boost Your Success

Jen Adams | Using Failure to Boost Your Success

Today we have Jen Adams, who was involved in the crisis management of the Miracle On The Hudson and in 2014 she was promoted to the Lead Global Integrated Marketing for American AirLines. In 2019 Jen was further elevated to Vice President of Marketing. She tells about her own upbringing and her working journey from 16 years old, and then the hard trials she had to face on her journey to success. She had a spiritual awakening when she participated in a program called the Hoffman Process, which felt like 10 years of therapy compacted into 6 days and changed her outlook on life. We talk about success and failure and the importance of taking risks, but also the lessons learned along the way in life such as those that failure brings. Failure is an important part of life and shouldn’t always be avoided. Jen tells how she was affected by the incident of the Miracle on the Hudson and what she was able to learn from crisis professionals. She also talks about how she deals with clients and the challenges they face, such as work life balance and stabilizing those situations with the pandemic happening this year.  Jen’s aviation career 1:15 When her life started to turn around 9:01 Why do so few people take the road that she has? 14:32 Why is it such a challenge for people to be authentic? 20:25 How the Miracle on the Hudson affected Jen 35:12 “I think when we let that ego drive the bus is when I know I’ve laid up at night and couldn’t sleep because I knew it wasn’t who I truly was. And I knew that those things and the external showcase of how great life is really didn’t matter at the end of the day.” 16:23

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