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Jane Seymour | Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Jane Seymour | Turning Challenges into Opportunities

In this episode I sit down with famous actress Jane Seymour to discuss her journey to becoming a successful actress, hard work vs. fame, and the importance of having a passion and a purpose. After recounting a difficult experience in her acting career, Jane notes the difference between her classical training to be an actress in England and the value of fame in Hollywood. That experience taught her the importance of being true to yourself. She also explains her perspective about being open minded when challenges arise and how she turned adversity into opportunity. Additionally, during our conversation we go into depth about something Jane once said: "At the end of this journey called life, the only two things we leave behind is the love that we share and the difference we make." That quote and other principles Jane lives by leads into a conversation about altruism and how helping others gives us purpose.

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