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Dominique Wilkins | Stop Using Being a Product of Your Environment as an Excuse to Fail

Dominique Wilkins | Stop Using Being a Product of Your Environment as an Excuse to Fail

Today we talk with Dominique Wilkins, a nine time NBA all star, about Dominique’s life journey and how he has gotten to where he is now. We talk about his upbringing and journey from France to America, and his commitment to his mother to never have to want. We learn about Dominique’s start of his basketball career at 16 years old and the great opportunities he received and pursued from then. One of his greatest motivations was his family and doing what he could to get them out of their bad situation. He tells about the people who affected his life and influenced him forward. “Stop using being a product of your environment as an excuse to fail” (Dominique’s mom). We talk about His dunk contest and injury, and how he was able to come back full force afterward and do even better than he had previously done professionally. Dominique tells us about his rivalry with Michael Jordan and how competitive they were with each other. We discuss his ability to balance his life on and off the court and how he set his priorities, and then how he got his nickname. Dominique tells about his relationship with Kobe Bryant and how he affected his life. We talk about his son and his trajectory, walking in his father’s footsteps and determined to become even greater than him. Life lessons Dominique has learned: 1) Educate yourself. Education is what will give you opportunities to get indoors that you wouldn’t have otherwise. 2) Be willing to be humble and appreciate others who are trying to give you organic advice. Work on the things you’re weakest at and have a good attitude. 3) Continue to build relationships, but they gotta be real and organic. 4) Keep yourself away from things that won’t bring value into your life. He tells about his legacy and that he wants people to remember how hard he worked, but also he wants to have helped a lot of people along the way.

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