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Ami on the Streets | Facing Danger in the Fight to Make The World a Safer Place

Ami on the Streets | Facing Danger in the Fight to Make The World a Safer Place

In this episode, we talk with Ami Horowitz, documentary filmmaker, educator, and conservative activist. He co-directed, co-wrote, and starred in U.N. Me, a 2009 documentary film that launched his career, and explains how the U.N has “failed to live up to its founding principles in a very significant and a profound way.” He states his commitment to adding to the national conversation to help change the “dangerous course” the world is heading in. He explains how he transitioned from feature films to short documentaries and stunts on YouTube and Facebook to be able to reach more people and cover more topics. He shares how his influence has grown, and shares an experience filming anti-Semitic messages shared at a confernce at Duke and UNC, sponsored by the U.S. governement. The release of the film led to the lawsuit of Duke and UNC and ultimately to the creation of and executive order by the president to change Title IX of the Civil Rights Act to cover anti-Semitism. We talk about what Ami would do with $100 million, explaining how money is required to reach greater audiences, especially when working against recent pushes by Facebook and YouTube to “deflate the numbers of conservatives.” He explains the important role of the press in getting your voice heard, and says that his goal is to reach liberal audiences to “substantially change their perspective and viewpoints” on important issues. He shares his experience filming the “orgy of violence” in the recent Minneapolis riots, as well as joining Syrian refugees as they crossed the Aegean Ocean from Turkey to Greece. He also recounts his experience getting beaten while filming “Stockholm Syndrome” to highlight the dangers of open Islaamic immigration into Sweden. We discuss his production expenses and budget. We finish with Ami explaining what he wants his legacy to be, and what he defines as success.

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