Katie Fleming

The Strategy Ain't the Thing

The Strategy Ain't the Thing

I found myself in situations where I ran with the best of the best in marketing circles and energetic, spiritual circles. However, I was not able to identify with any of them because I was meshing groups of different nature! A strategy is important in building an effective business and hitting the goals. My coaching method is a simple strategy with powerful energetic positioning. In this episode you'll hear:How to disconnect from situations and people that don't align with how you lead your life and where you are headed.Why you need to believe in yourself and seek no external validation.I'm inviting you to join The Profitable Presence Masterclass. It's a FREE 3-day masterclass for you and everyone who desires to build a profitable business from their presence can attend.Build a business and a life that is profitable and powerful, from your pure presence. JOIN THE MASTERCLASS NOW!See full show notes >> HERESCREENSHOT THE SHOW TODAY AND TAG ME ON YOUR INSTAGRAM STORIES! I LOVE REPOSTING YOUR SHARE ON MY STORIES! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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