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Ep. 58: Matt Audette on Growing Your Wealth + Mastering a Money Mindset

Ep. 58: Matt Audette on Growing Your Wealth + Mastering a Money Mindset

On this week’s episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, we’re chatting with CFO of LPL Financial, Matt Audette all about mastering a money mindset and growing your wealth.  We chat all about the habits, routines, and structure needed to grow your money, the benefits of starting a savings account early in life, managing your spending, and how to get started investing today. According to Matt, saving and investing your money has never been cheaper so if you’re interested in learning valuable tools from one of the top men in the finance world, give this episode a listen. To learn more about Matt Audette, visit LPLfinancial.lpl.com Work with us: Interested in one on one health/life coaching with Rachel? Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation with Rachel -Sheanutrition@gmail.com Schedule a consult with Dr. Shea: Info@sheafamilychiropractic.org  Check us out on Instagram and Facebook @sheafamilychiropractic and @alignedlifemedia For more information about Dr. Devin Shea and Rachel Freeman, please visit www.sheafamilychiropractic.com If you have any questions that you would like answered in future podcast episodes, please email Alignedlifemedia@gmail.com f you like this episode, please leave a rating, review and don’t forget to subscribe. Share with a loved one who you think could benefit from this information! Affiliates & Discount Codes: Get 25% off your first Thrive Market order http://thrv.me/Vx5Q5m Get 2lbs of free grass fed ground beef for life through Butcher Box http://fbuy.me/kpW9Q Paleotreats.com/alignedlife

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