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'The Alex Morgan Show' Episode #80 "Mid-Terms"

'The Alex Morgan Show' Episode #80 "Mid-Terms"

‘The Alex Morgan Show” Episode #79 11-19-2018 “Mid-Term’s 2018” Today is the eleventh day of November. As we head into this upcoming weeks holiday of Thanksgiving. We have been away for a while over here at the show and Freedom Media. But, time and energy aren’t two things usually go hand-in-hand and cooperate with the best of intent. Neither does the so-called “luck” swing our ways 100% of the time. If it even swings 50%? Nontheless, this will be the 79rd  rendition  of #AMshow and I have missed the broadcast and operation of Youtube Channel. And during this broadcast, we’ll discuss how we would like to expand this operation. We will be talking Midterm Elections during this broadcast, plenty of news, new, and more news. Including a local murder that occurred less than ¼ mile of my parents home. We’ll be talking about the Trump Administration and all things concerning ‘WE THE PEOPLE. If you would like to call in to the show. We have a new number. CALL THE SHOW: (276) 595 - ALEX (2539) EMAIL THE SHOW: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: DONATIONS:                  & Thanks for everything. Without you, none of my efforts would be possible!

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