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Upgrade Your Marketing

Upgrade Your Marketing

In this episode of The 7-Figure CEO Podcast Casey sits down with Shaun Buck, CEO and founder of Shaun learned the value of sending newsletters to clients and prospects while owning a dry-cleaning business and chose to take that idea and make it into a business. Hear what Shaun has to say about the importance of newsletters for your business and how it can help your company grow. As a young kid, Shaun always dreamed of becoming a business owner—that dream became a reality when Shaun opened his first business at age 16; a pager company. Of course during this time pagers were on their way out and soon Shaun’s business was too. But Shaun kept at it, and has since owned a handful of successful businesses, including one that he calls his dream business, The Newsletter Pro. With this business, Shaun helps business owners market and expand their companies. The Newsletter Pro took off from day one, growing over 4000% in the first two years alone, and it hasn’t stopped growing since.  Get practical steps from marketing expert Shaun Buck on how he grew his business. Including valuable insights on how you can apply the marketing lessons he has learned to your business.  Business Management If you have a big business idea, but are still tied down by your current business do not hesitate, pursue your thought. Pivot your current business or go for the new business. Take your current business earnings and use that money to jumpstart your new business. Double-down where you believe you have the biggest opportunity. Hiring Employees Hiring is not committing. The most you are committing to an employee is a day’s work. Hiring someone is not a permanent thing, people can be fired. Do not be scared to hire early because this could potentially hold back your business growth. Hire a person that fits in the culture of the office. This means that the potential employee should respect your mission, core values, and business purpose. Firing Employees Do not be afraid to fire someone. Make the firing process easy and quick. The firing process should be swift and to the point. Questions about the reasons for termination can be answered later so the person has time to process their thoughts. Most times the firing should not be a surprise, the employee should know why they are being let go. Try to give the person being fired warnings and consistent feedback. Newsletters Newsletters allow for businesses to communicate to customers and convert prospects. Creates a more personal relationship with your customers by sharing your life and business experiences. Create the content for the newsletters do not look to the customers for content. Write a newsletter that talks about you and a business lesson Promotions and things about your business can be inside the newsletter/ The main goal of the newsletter is that customers and prospects feel as if you, as a business owner, are smart and reliable. Know when to cut ties sending newsletters to certain customers. Personal Growth Be consistent with you learning and growth. Surround yourself with friends and business owners who can mentor you and teach you. The best thing you can do is talk to other business owners and have conversations about your business and other people’s business. Read books that help you grow, listen to other people for change, attend conventions/conferences that help you learn. Links: Email your top take-aways and learnings to  

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