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The. 2001. Podcast. | 4. Thomas Ney

The. 2001. Podcast. | 4. Thomas Ney

Disclaimer: Due to what I can only believe to be a recording mistake Thomas' audio got pretty messed and sound pretty harsh at points of the episode. Sorry to everyone this will be fixed next time around.  Episode 4 is inverted, you are not. On this episode I am joined by Thomas Ney to talk Tenet, Christoper Nolan, Writing, Cinematography and more! | Thomas' Links: - To be added when Thomas has social media channels.  Fraser's Links: Youtube - Instagram - @frasercostenphotography Facebook - @frasercostenphotography 2nd Channel -  Thanks for watching everyone I'm so excited to bring you more episodes!

Duration: 1 hr 58 min

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