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The. 2001. Podcast. | 2. Sam Sheppard

The. 2001. Podcast. | 2. Sam Sheppard

Episode 2 is upon us all... I had Sam Sheppard join me this week to talk about all things Video Games, Avatar 2 never being released and much more!  Thank you for all the support on Episode 1, the feedback has been tremendous and I am so glad everyone enjoyed it!  Sam's Links: Twitch - Youtube - Lunar Sammy Instagram - @Lunarsammycosplay Twitter -@Lunar_Sammy Fraser's Links: Instagram - @frasercostenphotography Facebook - @frasercostenphotography Twitch - 2nd Youtube Channel - Fraser Costen   Email at to get in touch for any reason!  Congrats on getting to the bottom of the description here's a cookie :)

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