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Response to Listener Questions

Response to Listener Questions

Tonight’s episode was full of listener questions like: Why is there not a book of the Bible named after Mary? How should a parent react when their child is uncomfortable around their ex-spouse’s new partner? When the Bible says the Holy Ghost will come upon you and you will speak in other tongues, is not tongues for today? Did God know that Lucifer would have fallen from grace and also that man would have sinned? If so, why did he create us? Is Jerusalem a central aspect of God’s purpose of the world or in God’s redemptive purposes? What must a person believe with all the contrary news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines? What is blaspheming? Is the Proverb about sparing the rod and spoiling the child to be used today in corporal punishment or discipline of children? Listen as Pastor/Dr. David Murphy discusses these questions and more.

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