Chez, Jules, Shariar

That's the Name of a Beer

OMG! HI! My name is

OMG! HI! My name is "That's the Name of a Beer"! I'm a Capricorn which means I'm a little hard-headed. Come join me every other week on my carbonated cavalcade into a variety of topics. So sit back relax and crack open a cold one... I mean your hateful heart of course, NEVER BEER 😡 Hosted by 3 sommeliers of suds and the best of buds: Chez (Aquarius), Jules (Libra), and Shariar (Aries). [Music: Dvorak Polka by Kevin Macleod | Source: | License:]

Episodes: 4


Can You Dig It, Suckaa!

Duration: 33 min

Just Ass League: The THICC Cut

Duration: 44 min

Sure You Can

Duration: 39 min

A Literary Analysis of James Joyce

Duration: 29 min

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