Series 12 Natters: 03: Orphan 55 - With Sophie Iles

Series 12 Natters: 03: Orphan 55 - With Sophie Iles

This will be interesting, won't it? Following the airing of Orphan 55, co-hosts John and Matthew are joined by guest host Sophie Iles, writer, artist, pin designer, cosplayer and beacon of utter joy as they discuss the build up and aftermath of this divisive episode!!! And a bit of a natter with Sophie about her experiences with writing for Doctor Who Magazine and Big Finish... Recorded on 11th and 12th Jan 2020. The theme music was the remixed theme from Doctor Who Confidential, composed by Ron Grainer, realised by Delia Derbyshire, and arranged by Mike Westergaard. Left Bank Two was composed by The Noveltones. K9 On A Mission was composed by Paddy Kingsland. Rock The Boat was composed by Pascal Micheal Steifel. Any and all copyrighted material is the registered property of their respective owners, utilised under the fair use agreement, and no infringement is intended. Sophie’s work for DWM can be found in their recent special edition, The 2020 Yearbook. Her Short Trip, A Song for Running, can be obtained by subscribing to Big Finish’s Monthly Adventures Range and including the December 2019 release, Blood On Santa’s Claw:…her-stories-1289 Sophie’s published work can be found on her website:

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