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More Betterer

Tech that changed our lives in 2015 More Betterer INTRO Hello and welcome to Terrifying Robot Dog! I'm Jonathan Stark - and I'm Kelli Shaver - and we are here to talk about how technology is changing the way we interact with the world. This week we talk about our favorite tech from 2015. Please stay tuned, Terrifying Robot Dog is next... HOUSEKEEPING Seasons of 12-15 shows per quarter Planning to do a series of two to three shows per topic First topic this season will be 3d printing Types of 3d printers, consumer applications, controversy FEATURE Top Tech of 2015 Echo Pebble Time Super Mario Maker Cardboard Honorable Mentions Oculus Hiku iPad Roku LINKS Google Cardboard The Facebook-Loving Farmers of Myanmar Samsung VR Scratch Jr. Pebble Smartwatches ZenWatch 2 Amazon Echo Oculus Rift TITLES Edumucated Pizza VR More Betterer CLOSING That's our show for this week. I'm Jonathan Stark - and I'm Kelli Shaver - and we hope you join us again next week for Terrifying Robot Dog. Bye! POST-SHOW Would you'd like to support Terrifying Robot Dog? Just think of two friends who would dig the show and send them to for links to iTunes, Facebook, and RSS feeds. If you don't have two friends, you can still help us out by leaving a nice review in iTunes. Thanks!

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