#81 - Jake Mackenzie: Addiction, recovery and Drifter surf shop.

#81 - Jake Mackenzie: Addiction, recovery and Drifter surf shop.

https://terriblehappytalks.com/Jake Mackenzie is a husband, father, surfer, waterman, entrepreneur, and when the Bombie at Uluwatu is breaking...he is often the guy paddling into the best waves of the day.  Like many of us, Jake wears numerous hats in his life, however, personally I see a clean living family man, and a passionate surfer, who possesses a keen sense of spirituality. Over the years, I have found myself magnetically drawn into his “anti-surf, surf shop” - Drifter at Bingin Uluwatu. Its a space that has an immediate warmth, coupled with inspiration found in the boutique range of surfboards, artwork and books it has in stock. Fresh from a surf trip to Sumba, in this week's episode, Jake is with from his home in Uluwatu, Bali to share his journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.Jake advocates for:PEACE DAILY MEDITATIONSea Shepard  https://www.seashepherd.org.au/Checkout his surf shop:https://driftersurf.com/Thanks to INDOSOLE AND TECTONIC COFFEE for supporting the showI feel so blessed to be affiliated with these companies. Both companies ship WORLDWIDE! Use CODE: THT (for 15% discount) https://indosole.com/ https://tectoniccoffee.com/ If you enjoy the show please HIT SUBSCRIBE and leave a 5 star review in the iTunes store or Apple Podcast app—it really helps me to keep the show going, and if you want to go even further, head over to https://terriblehappytalks.com/ and pick up some ethically produced merchandise in the SHOP.  Either way though, thanks so much for listening.  Big Love and respect, ShannonSupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

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