#111 - Justen "Jughead" Allport: Big wave mind-set, anxiety, and helping your self by helping others.

#111 - Justen "Jughead" Allport: Big wave mind-set, anxiety, and helping your self by helping others.

Instagram: @terriblehappytalks**Trigger warning** Justen bravely outlines how he dealt with (and continues to deal with) the tragic loss of his brother to suicide. The discussion goes from approximately the 16:00-24:30 minute mark. Whilst I believe there is a lot of healing to be had in this discussion, I acknowledge that this can be confronting or triggering so please listen with caution, or avoid. And please, as always, feel free to reach out to myself of Jughead via our platforms or email if you need to chat. We might not have the answers, but we are here to listen, share experiences, and identify. You are not alone.Big love,ShanJusten"Jughead" Allport is a husband, father, waterman and without question, one of the hardest charging underground big wave surfers from Australia. When he is not serving the community as a firefighter, Jughead advocates for positive mental health strategies by communing with, and supporting others, simply by sharing his lived experiences. In this week's episode, Jughead  really opens up about his battles with anxiety, surfing in the Red Bull Cape Fear events, Breaking his leg at Ghost Trees and much much more. But, as always, Jughead is with me live and on location to share his journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.Jughead supports and advocates for:Help Stephen Ellis Get a Car - Go Fund MeGet to Lalalas for Hip Hop night, 17th June, 2021. All proceeds go the Stephen's go-fund-me. THT will be recording episode #112 LIVE with Stephen himself (6:15-7:15pm).COMPANIES THAT SUPPORT THIS PODCASTUse the THT code!!!INDOSOLE  Code: THT(15% discount shipping is WORLDWIDE and fast).Sandals made from recycled Tyres. Timeless footwear for the conscious consumer.KingPin Skate ShopCode: THT(Get 15% Discount)Best Skateshop in Australia!Best shoe range ever: Vans, Nike, Addidas, Lakai, Fallen, Etnies (and more).Rad clothes (To many to mention)Best skateboard brands: Baker, Girl, Chocolate, FA, Hockey, Antihero, Passport (and way more).Australian owned and operated. Best dudes ever! Get on dat code.KRUSH ORGANICS - CBD oils and topicalsCode: THT(Get a HUGE 40% Discount...shipping is WORLDWIDE and fast).Purveyors of the finest CBD oils and topicals. I think long and hard about who I want to be affiliated with, and I’m stoked to embark on a new affiliation with Krush Organics and advocate for the use of CBD products for supplementary use. Do the research yourself, the health benefits are unquestionable. It’s done so much for me, especially during times of stress and anxiety, it’s improved the quality of my sleep and sped up my recovery time especially post workouts. And it’s all natural.AMAZON.COM.AUCode: thtpodcast-22 (Discounts on ALL products)Support the show and get everything you need, its Amazon. But, I always encourage conscious consumerism, so think about your purchases…and the environment!Write a review on Apple Podcasts and give a 5 star rating.Thanks for listening!Big love and respect,ShanSupport the show (

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