David Kendall is the quintessential Terranaut

David Kendall is the quintessential Terranaut

This week on Terranauts we're taking a break from our regular run of the Terranauts Guide to Leaving the Planet to bring you a fascinating interview with David Kendall who could be described as the quintessential Terranaut. On Terranauts we often talk about the fact that no gets to space alone. We are fond of saying that space is a team sport, not only for individuals but for countries as well. Over the course of the past season and a half we have certainly talked to our share of Terrantauts with extensive international experience. But I think It's pretty rare to have one with the pedigree of today's guest. Dr. David Kendall has not only been at the forefront of major international collaborations for the last 40 years, he has also been a Vice President of the International Astronautical Federation AND for two years he was the Chair of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

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