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Introducing: Tenfold More Wicked

Introducing: Tenfold More Wicked

This first season of Tenfold More Wicked is the real-life saga of America’s most intelligent killer, Edward Rulloff, a brilliant academic in Gilded Age New York City who murdered members of his own family in 1845. He escaped from prison and, while on the run for 30 years, he recruited a cabal of young men to whom he taught philosophy and languages by day and who robbed silk merchants at night. When Rulloff was caught and was sentenced to death, why did some of Manhattan’s elite citizens, Mark Twain, come to his defense? Written, researched, and hosted by Kate Winkler Dawson / producers Jason Wehling and Laura Sobel / sound designer Eric Friend / composer Curtis Heath Subscribe to my newsletter: tenfoldmorewicked.com Buy my books: katewinklerdawson.com If you have suggestions for historical crimes that could use some attention, email me: info@tenfoldmorewicked.com Follow me on social: @tenfoldmore (Twitter) / @tenfoldmorewicked (Facebook and Instagram) See my sources here: tenfoldmorewicked.com 2020 All Rights Reserved See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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