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#219: Making and Breaking Habits, Sanely | Kelly McGonigal

#219: Making and Breaking Habits, Sanely | Kelly McGonigal

For as long as she can remember, Kelly McGonigal has felt motivated to understand the causes of pain and suffering and find ways to relieve them. This motivation led her to pursue a career in psychology and cultivate a meditation practice. In this episode Kelly talks about the types of meditation that have the biggest impact for her and how she integrates them into her daily life. She also discusses her new book, "The Joy of Movement," which she hopes will help change the negative perceptions some have about exercise. Calling her book a love letter to movement and human nature, she believes movement can help us access the positive states of bliss, joy, hope, and connection. She also offers practical tips for building healthy habits. Check out the new Ten Percent Happier course on healthy habits with Kelly McGonigal: (App: Plugzone: - Website: - "The Joy of Movement": - Previous Books: - TED Talk: How to make stress your friend - Instagram: - Facebook: Books mentioned: "Fearless Heart": Podcast Insiders Feedback Group: Have a question for Dan? Leave us a voicemail: 646-883-8326

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