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Thanking and Banking

Thanking and Banking

Welcome to another episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast! If you're new here and you’re wondering what the hell you’ve stumbled into, we’re a bunch of pals that gather together once a week to talk about technology being used to make the world a better place. Well, in all honesty, we often end up talking about tech being used for evil but “Tech for Bad Live” isn’t as catchy is it?! And there are still glimmers of hope out there of wonderful people doing amazing things with tech. So as we soldier on into murky corridors of tech, this week we are talking about the food price index, a new internal aid charity campaign, fancy offices and dogs! Tech for Good Live pod regular Greg Ashton joins host Fay Schofield and our special guest this week is Louise Pavoni, Digital Engagement Manager at  Leukaemia UK. Discussed in this episode: Stat of the week  The CPI and the retail price index (RPI) are used interchangeably to document the rising price levels of groceries and household goods across the UK. Yet they only tell a fragment of the story of inflation, and grossly underestimate the true cost-of-living crisis. In 2012, 10 stock cubes from Sainsbury’s Basics range were 10p. In 2022, those same stock cubes are 39p, but only available in chicken or beef. The cheapest vegetable stock cubes are, inexplicably, £1 for 10.  We’re pricing the poor out of food in the UK – that’s why I’m launching my own price index - The Guardian Charity news of the week Major international aid charities combine forces in a new campaign "We the helpers". UK international aid charities unite in major awareness building campaign - UK Fundraising Tech news of the week Even the guy who designed Google's headquarters thinks "fancy" tech office are a bad idea: The man behind Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters says fancy tech offices are ‘dangerous’ - SFGATE  Google nest are trying to gamify saving energy: Nest Renew - Google  Nice of the week  AI tech to monitor depression - Thymia And finally… #DronesForGood dog saved from rising tide by a sausage dangled from a drone: Stranded dog saved from rising tide after rescuers attach sausage to drone - The Guardian    ---------------------------- Listeners, what did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Get in touch on twitter @techforgoodlive or Email at  We’d love it if you gave us a nice iTunes review and told your pals about this podcast! Thanks to for hosting our podcast.  Also, please don't forget this podcast is run by volunteers and we survive on sponsorships and donations. Right now one of our primary goals is to make sure all of our podcast episodes are accessible by making sure EVERY episode is transcribed. Sadly this costs money and we desperately need your help to make this become a reality! So if you've ever tuned into one of our podcasts or attended one of our events please consider chipping in the price of a cup of coffee.

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