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TFGL2021 - S4 - Ep 7 - What Matters is What Happens Next

TFGL2021 - S4 - Ep 7 - What Matters is What Happens Next

Hello and welcome to yet another episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast. Much like the climate crisis, we just keep getting worse and no-one in power seems to have the appetite to stop us, but this episode looks like it might be an alright one really. Above average anyway. COP26 is happening in Glasgow, where all the world leaders get together and decide to doom us all because of, well, their own profit margins. So, we’re talking about a load of environment related stories. We discuss the economic impact of climate change. Because we’re fun, cool people. We also talk about an international attempt to stop deforestation, making Green Tech cheaper, and of course, we find time to laugh at that stupid Facebook rebrand. Jonny Rae-Evans has taken on the hosting duties and he is joined by Tech for Good Live podcast regular Greg Ashton. Our special guest is Sandra Pallier, Co-organiser of and interaction designer at Microsoft You can find loads of great content from and their conversations about using tech to tackle climate change on their YouTube channel. This week’s topics: Stat of the week  Of the 438 empirical studies of the impact of climate change since 2010, zero have been included in the established Economic models Whilst 58% of people want decisive action worldwide: Climate change: Polls shows rising demand for government action - BBC News  Charity news of the week At least £1.25bn in funding to be given to indigenous people and local communities as part of the aim to stop deforestation by 2030 - The Guardian Tech news of the week The new name for Facebook is Meta World leaders pledge to make green tech cheaper: World leaders announce plan to make green tech cheaper than alternatives - The Guardian  And finally… Lego surveyed children to understand how to tackle climate change and made their ideas into a leaflet for cop 26 attendees Books mentioned by Sandra: The Ministry of the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World by Jason Hickel ---------------------------- Listeners, what did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Get in touch on twitter @techforgoodlive or Email at  We’d love it if you gave us a nice iTunes review and told your pals about this podcast! Thanks to for hosting our podcast.  Also, please don't forget this podcast is run by volunteers and we survive on sponsorships and donations. Right now one of our primary goals is to make sure all of our podcast episodes are accessible by making sure EVERY episode is transcribed. Sadly this costs money and we desperately need your help to make this become a reality! So if you've ever tuned into one of our podcasts or attended one of our events please consider chipping in the price of a cup of coffee.

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