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TFGL2021 - S4 - Ep 6 - Our Truth

TFGL2021 - S4 - Ep 6 - Our Truth

Welcome back to another episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast. If you’re new here we’re a podcast that talks about what’s new on the Tech for Good scene, but more often than not we end up talking about how tech is being used for evil  - quite timely for Halloween! Talking of Halloween, the agenda this week is pretty scary! We talk about the fact that Trump is making a comeback. The world is heating up and campaigners are keeping a close eye on global leaders ahead of the UN’s climate change conference COP26. And surprise, surprise Facebook is back to its dodgy dealings.  Fay Schofield is your host and she is joined by TfGL regular Greg Ashton. Our special guest this week is Ana Zarraga, Head of Digital and Content at Global Witness, an organisation that challenges the abuses of power to protect human rights, the environment and secure the future of our planet. This week’s topics: Stat of the week  From zero to 12 billion trump's media venture kicks off in typical hyped style: Analysis: From zero to $12 bln; investors chase Trump stock hype - Reuters  But not without issues: Donald Trump to launch social media platform called Truth Social - The Guardian  Charity news of the week: COP26 special UK must postpone Cop26 because poorest nations being shut out, say campaigners - Independent   Last line of defence - Global Witness  COP26 sponsors cause 350m tonnes of climate pollution - The Ferret  UN sounds alarm on missing climate pledges - Reuters Tech news of the week  The reality of Facebooks damaging activities is brought more into light: Facebook crisis grows as new whistleblower and leaked documents emerge - The Guardian A whistleblower’s power: Key takeaways from the Facebook Papers - Washington Post   And finally… Hilarious Alan Partridge-esque interview where the interviewer can't understand why trees are more sustainable than concrete. - Indy100 ---------------------------- Listeners, what did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Get in touch on twitter @techforgoodlive or Email at  We’d love it if you gave us a nice iTunes review and told your pals about this podcast! Thanks to for hosting our podcast.  Also, please don't forget this podcast is run by volunteers and we survive on sponsorships and donations. Right now one of our primary goals is to make sure all of our podcast episodes are accessible by making sure EVERY episode is transcribed. Sadly this costs money and we desperately need your help to make this become a reality! So if you've ever tuned into one of our podcasts or attended one of our events please consider chipping in the price of a cup of coffee.

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