The Cult of Learning 1: Three Rules of Learning

The Cult of Learning 1: Three Rules of Learning

/CULT/K^LT/A fashionable belief, idea, or attitude that influences people’s lives/The cult of learning encourages people to find and pursue what they are passionate about/ *”The Cult of Learning” are episodes for learners of languages. These episodes will discuss tools and strategies for learning and provide opportunities for effective listening practice. These episodes are also part of the Learn YOUR English Learner Membership Community. In Teacher Talking Time’s first episode for learners, Mike and Leo introduce the Cult of Learning podcast, discuss why it’s called “The Cult of Learning,” what “Learn YOUR English” really means, and what we hope to accomplish by helping people learn the language that’s important to them. This episode is all about learning. Mike and Leo go over the three most important rules for learning: Effectiveness (the what) Adherence (the why) Efficiency (the how) They also talk about how languages are not taught but learned, discuss several common myths about language learning, and why you shouldn’t say “sayonara” in Japanese.     If you like the show, we have a Tip Jar on our website for people looking to help with the creation of our show.    Thank you for listening! If you like the show, consider subscribing on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts, and sharing it with a friend. If you have a comment or question about today's show, we'd love to hear from you: info@learnyourenglish.com  For more info on what we do at LYE, check out: Our Memberships Our Website Join our Mailing List Follow Learn YOUR English Follow Teacher Talking Time

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