Episode 26: Jason Anderson

Episode 26: Jason Anderson

In episode 26, Andrew invites Jason Anderson into the studio. Jason is a teacher educator, educational consultant, award-winning author and researcher, working in both language teaching and mainstream education. He has published research on aspects of language teaching, multilingualism, teacher reflection, lesson planning and teacher education. His main interests include teaching methodology, translanguaging and the contextual challenges of primary and secondary teachers working in low- and middle-income contexts, where he has spent much of his career as a teacher educator.  He is a proponent for the use of multiple frameworks in language classrooms - "all of these approaches do and can work." In 2016, he published "A Potted History of PPP" in which he outlines the history of the framework and argues that research is not simply against it, as many believe. Jason also has designed a new framework called "The TATE Model."  In this episode, Jason discusses: His recent project in India (4:00) The history of the PPP Framework (11:00) Why the Zone of Proximal Development is misunderstood in second language acquisition (19:00) Lexis, Grammar, the lexical approach and a synthetic syllabus (22:00) If TBLT is appropriate in developing world contexts (28:00) What it means for an approach "to work" (36:00) Creating appropriate outcome measures (39:30) Research and practice together in a reflective model of teacher education (50:00) The TATE model (57:30) *For links to the resources mentioned in this interview, see our blog post about this episode on our website.  Follow Jason: Twitter: @jasonelt Website: jasonanderson.org.uk Read his work Podcast Creation: This episode was created with support from our listeners. If you enjoy our work, consider contributing to our tip jar As always, thank you for listening. Your support has been overwhelming and we couldn't do what we do without you. We hope this podcast serves as an effective CPD tool for you. If you like the show, consider subscribing on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts, and sharing it with a friend. If you have a comment or question about today's show, we'd love to hear from you: info@learnyourenglish.com  For more info on what we do at LYE, check out: Our Memberships Join Our Mailing List Our Online Courses Follow Learn YOUR English Follow Teacher Talking Time

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