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Bridgerton Teaser Trailer Break Down

Bridgerton Teaser Trailer Break Down

Toni and Wendy went frame-by-frame, second-by-second to break down the Bridgerton trailer we were gifted with this past week!  They’ve noticed the music, the eyebrow lifts, Lady Whistledown narrations perfectly matched the frames, and much more.  With research and help from our fellow Brazilian friends, we know what the first edition of Lady Whistledown’s Society Paper said.  There definitely was many avenues to take for discussion.  Hastings is back, but what do we think was written on the note while looking forlorn?  What has Penelope looking so sad?  What has Daphne riding her horse so hard for?  We shall see!  Until the next Bee news, join the ladies as they participate in the #BingingBridgerton group chat starting with  “The Duke and I” on Discord!Email - bridgerton2000@gmail.comLike – Follow - Follow - Subscribe - Website -

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