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The Julia Quinn and Tessa Dare IG Live interview this past week was epic!  Toni and Wendy are reliving the interview especially when Tessa Dare takes over and literally zooms in on released Bridgerton photos for discussion.  The Bridgerton family photos created more excitement within us.  The food made us hungry.  The Featheringtons are already causing commotion with their happy colored dresses!  If rereading the series is on the agenda then consider one of the #BingingBridgerton readathons before the premier.  Also, we’re cordially invited to the #BridgertonMaskedBall a Halloween masquerade hosted by @romantically_swept_away and @bridgerton2000 (@litwallflowerspodcast).  It’s a week long event when we share our Bridgerton themed costumes for a chance to win a giveaway.  Please, check out either IG accounts for more details.  Until the next Bee news, join the ladies as they watch the interview over and over again and costume up for the masquerade! Email - Follow - Follow - Subscribe - Website -

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