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#BingingBridgerton on Discord - The Duke and I

#BingingBridgerton on Discord - The Duke and I

We got a non-Whistledown article, “How Bridgerton is Poised to Revolutionize Romance on Television,” by Maureen Lee Lenker and hope it has been read by all!  It gives us insight to the  vision of a historical romance in modern times, “which features classical string arrangements of contemporary pop songs.”  Plus, are you gushing over the newest pictures we’ve been blessed with recently?   This week, Toni and Wendy noted some hot topics on the #TheDukeandI chat on Discord and would like to shed some light on the topics and hopefully not give out any spoilers.  Does Daphne have friends?  Is Daphne and Simon the favorite couple amongst the series?  What do we think about the previous, father Hastings.  Most importantly, thank you to Julia Quinn for addressing a controversial part of the book when asked by one of the Discord hosts.  Until the next Bee news, enjoy reading the next #BingingBridgerton Readathon book, “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” to understand the significance of bees and the Mallet of Death!Email - bridgerton2000@gmail.comLike – - - - - -

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