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S01: Trailer

S01: Trailer

Listen to the exclusive first trailer of Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries — Season 1: Genesis, a brand new 12-episode prequel story featuring the untold secret origin of Tara Callahan, the world’s most powerful superhero! Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries features a large ensemble cast of over 50 performers, with lead performances by Tayla Hadley as Tara Callahan, Stewart St John as Dr Epic and Michael Plahuta as Mr. Barrington. Also starring Todd Fisher, Michael Myracle, Patrick Young , Casey Maxwell, Mandi Lawson, Sarah Cronk, Ethan Turbyfill, Anna Bella Foster, Allie Jordan Butcher, Janice Stewart and John Stanfill. Written and directed by Stewart St John (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Sabrina: The Animated Series). Original Score and over twenty Songs written, performed and produced by music partners Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta. Sound Design by Michael Plahuta. Produced by Todd Fisher, Stewart St John and Michael Plahuta for Wonkybot Studios.————————Catch up on old episodes and find out more about Tara Tremendous:https://www.wonkybot.com/tara-tremendous-the-secret-diaries-series/————————-Listen to more great kids and family shows at:https://www.wonkybot.com/————————-Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on your favorite podcasts, the latest news and special offers from Wonkybot Studios.https://www.wonkybot.com/subscribe/

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