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Ep.003 Part 1 Carley Ochs - Bourbon & Boweties

Ep.003 Part 1 Carley Ochs - Bourbon & Boweties

How did a botched teaching job in China turn into a bangle stacking empire? Carley Ochs joins us to talk about her unbelievable journey of creating and growing one of the most successful jewelry companies in the world, Bourbon & Boweties. This is part one of a two part episode. In this episode, we go in-depth on how she took her concept from her backyard, to having some of the country's most popular boutiques calling her (mom's) phone. Carley's story is not a common one and while there has been plenty of success, as you will hear, it has come at a price. All this and so much more in part one of this in-depth conversation with Carley Ochs.  This episode is brought to you by Media Source. 

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